How To Integrate Podalyzer With Your Own Etsy Account

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Hello folks.
Podalyzer has recently launched their self-integration with Etsy allowing customers to integrate to Etsy with their own seller account. If you never heard about Etsy before, it is one of the biggest marketplaces in the world and probably the best marketplace for Clothing & Accessories allowing sellers across the globe to sell handmade and vintage products.

The Authorization Process

In order to integrate your Podalyzer account with your Etsy seller account, log in to the dashboard and head out to Integrations->Etsy from the menu.
On the next page, you will be able to see a welcome message, a text explaining that you need to authorize Podalyzer to do Etsy calls in behalf of you and a button to start the process.
After you click the button, you will be redirected back to Etsy, you will have to log in to your seller account and then authorize our application by clicking the “Allow Access” button. The form should look like in the picture below:


This button should redirect you back to the Podalyzer website with a congratulations message telling you that you are all set and ready to push your first few products to Etsy.

Adding Products To Etsy

If the authorization from the steps above was successful you should be able to see a table containing all your Podalyzer products after visiting the Etsy dashboard at Podalyzer(Integrations>Etsy from the menu). To create your first listing, you need to locate the product in the table using the search or navigation and click on the green “Push To Etsy” button in the last column of the table rounded up in the picture below:


The screen will start loading and after a few seconds, you should receive a success popup message in the right upper corner telling you that the product was successfully added to Etsy.

Congratulations on having your first Etsy product!

Important: You need to add Podalyzer as a production partner to all your products pushed through our platform by following the steps below or you may risk losing your Etsy account!

Adding Podalyzer As Your Production Partner To Your Etsy Products

Go to your Etsy Shop Manager and head out to Settings->Production Partner from the menu. Make sure you click on Add New Production Partner, fill all the required data carefully and save your production partner profile.
Note: You can also choose not to show the Podalyzer company, but instead use your own creative Title.
Now go to Listings from the menu, select all your listings you want to add production partner to click More Actions->Production Partners select Podalyzer and click Update like in the picture below:


Pulling Orders And Updating Tracking Details

If you go to Integrations->Dashboard you will find all the orders pulled from your current integrations. Podalyzer will automatically pull order info from any of the integrated marketplaces you use and send the products to fulfillment. You need to update your billing profile though, so we are able to charge you for the orders you made. Orders will not go into fulfillment until you have filled your billing info.
For now automatically tracking data updates are not supported, so you will have to do it on your own, but it’s in our plans for the future.
Happy selling!