Podalyzer & eBay Integration Process Walkthrough

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This is a How-To blog post guiding you through our integration with eBay.
The integration between Podalyzer and eBay will allow you to push your products to the eBay marketplace, fetch your orders and automatically fulfill them.

Connecting Your Accounts

To get your accounts connected login to your Podalyzer account and head out to Integrations->eBay. On the page which follows you should be able to see a welcome message along with a button that initiates the authorization process. By clicking the authorization button you should be redirected to an eBay page telling you that you are about to grant access to Podalyzer to do API calls on behalf of you looking exactly as in the picture below:


Proceed by clicking the “Agree” button which is rounded up in the picture above. If everything went smoothly you should be redirected back to Podalyzer with a success message telling you the authorization finished successfully.

Adding Products To eBay

If your authorization following the steps above was successful, head back to Integrations>eBay. Instead of the welcome message, now you should be able to see a table containing all the products you have previously created. To push your first product to eBay just click the “Push” button in the last column of the row containing the product you want to add. A loading page will pop up while our system is working in the background and in a few seconds, you should be able to see the result in form of push notification to the upper right corner of your screen.
If you got a success message then we congratulate you on your first eBay selling product!

Warning: You should be aware that eBay accounts have limits on the value and number of items they can list and sell per month, so a common error here would be that you have reached your selling limits. We suggest starting with products that do not have variations like single-color mugs or tote bags or requesting higher selling limits by following the steps listed here.
Note that eBay will also automatically increase your selling limits every month if you have reached your limits the previous month or maintain a positive seller history.

Orders Managment & Tracking Confirmation

Podalyzer will automatically fetch all your eBay orders and you will be able to see them in your integrations dashboard(Integrations->Dashboard) along with the orders with all your other integrated channels. Make sure you have completed your billing profile so we are able to charge you, or otherwise the orders won’t be sent into fulfillment. After the order status has been changed to “SHIPPED” you need to forward the tracking info in your eBay selling account.

Happy selling!