Podalyzer & eBay Integration Process Walkthrough

This is a How-To blog post guiding you through our integration with eBay. The integration between Podalyzer and eBay will allow you to push your products to the eBay marketplace, fetch your orders and automatically fulfill them. Connecting Your Accounts To get your accounts connected login to your Podalyzer account and… Read more »

How To Integrate Podalyzer With Your Own Etsy Account

Hello folks. Podalyzer has recently launched their self-integration with Etsy allowing customers to integrate to Etsy with their own seller account. If you never heard about Etsy before, it is one of the biggest marketplaces in the world and probably the best marketplace for Clothing & Accessories allowing sellers across the… Read more »

Podalyzer And MBA vs Other Print On Demand Platforms

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Because this is a post aiming to educate the beginners in the industry and to get them started we want to focus on free traffic sources(free exposure of our products) which are risk-free. This is actually the main and crucial advantage of MBA and Podalyzer because it allows a huge… Read more »

Print On Demand For Dummies

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If you are new to the industry and never heard the term before, the first thing you should know is the meaning of the POD term. Print on demand is a business setup which lets you produce and sell copies of the product only at a time there is demand… Read more »